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All of our food businesses are focused on one thing ... EAT HEALTHY !

We use only the freshest incredients, and prefer organically grown products.

We hope you will visit, and become loyal customers, of all of our familiy

of restaurants ...

***** Salad Fresh Subs & Wraps (tm)

***** Salad Fresh Pizza Buffet (tm)  

***** Tasty Fried Turkey To Go (tm)  

***** Hungry Amigo Mexican Taqueria (tm)

***** Mob Pizza (tm)  "Only the Best"


Eat Healthy Brands (tm) also owns the following trademarks:

RealHotPizza tm
OnOurWayPizza tm
Chain Gang Subs tm

TurkeysToGo tm

FamousBagels tm
CallMyChef tm
NYtoParis tm
Captain Zeros tm

CellTVChefs tm
CellTVFoodChannel tm
CellTVFoodNetwork tm
SiriusCooking tm
iPodRecipies tm

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